Saturday, August 1, 2009

Thing 22 Development

Many of these technologies could be adapted quite easily into our library setting. Our library director is already trying to incorporate the "things" she is learning into our library newsletters and website. Some of the "things" would require our libary to obtain some equipment to pull them off (video camera, web cam, mp3 player, etc.) Adapting blogging is quite easily because we already have site specific to the library andwith a greater understanding of some of the "things" our website can be incorporated.
Increasing the skills among staff can be achieved by having us practice, practice, practice and providing time frames throughout the week so that these skills can be reflected on a little more. I know that if i do not use a particular skill i tend to lose my knowledge of that skill.
Our staff seem to have a large range of knowledge in relation to technological skills. Some understood everything quickly while others of us struggled at first and still others the entire program was a challenge. We worked together so that all staff were able to accomplish all 23 things.
Another way to increase staffs skills is ( i am sure all of you who are reading my blog will not like me) to have staff members pick a (thing) to training the rest of the staff on that technology even if you mees up it is a still learning and those who understand it more can clear up and provide another interpretation others can get. This type of training can not only give a new perspective on a technology but also can work as a team building tool.

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