Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Thing 1 and 2

I enjoyed creating a blog site. It gave me something to write about that i was interested in, however if i created a bloig site outside of the one needed for this training, i think i would either spend way to much time searching and reponding to blogs or become totally disinterested based on what is out there.
I can see how my patrons may enjoy creating a blog site and how it coul communicate to other youth about what is going on at our library ( i am in youth services). Patrons could get ideas by asking what others thought about for instance the game Magic the Gathering and places where tournaments or parties are being held.

Thing 7

Reading the instructions, i already subscribed to 6 websites while i was doing thing 6. I subscribed to the northtexas23.blogspot, geekologie, i watch stuff, the superficial, realclear politics, and hot air. Is this all i need to do?
As stated in my blog concerning Thing 6, I personaaly would not use this because i do not read much on the internet mainly due to my schedule, however i can see how this could be beneficial to patrons who come to the library frequently to read news articles, do job searchs and are interested in articles from particular sites.

Thing 6

This module confused me. I don't read blogs or use the internet for news so the utility of this escaped me. I do however understand how this would be useful to some of my patrons who use particular web sites often.

Here are the sites I subscribed to:
northtexas23.blogspot, geekologie, the superficial, hotair, real clear politics, and i watch stuff.
I really did not enjoy this module because i had to come up with sites that i would not use but i think others may find this application useful daily. As with many of the things in this training i would need to spend many more hours researching and just sitting down and playing with each individual one of the 23 things.

image generator- thing 5

Image generator was interesting to do. I enjoyed creating it when I finally got it to work. I can see how this could be beneficial to some of my patrons when they are developing cutsie additiond to papers, creating a commic strip, and the manga/ anime groups we have at our library.
I personaaly would not use it because i do not have time to do much on the computer due to my busy home schedule at this time in my life, but possibly when things slow down i may become more interested in this module.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Flickr was not my Friend- thing 3 & 4

I had an awful experience trying to do Flickr, Thing 4 and 5. They both do really cool the things, however i had the hardest time trying to get it to post to my blog. Something that should have only taken minutes took hours. I became very frustrated. I quit and tried again later and got this thing completed. If i have time i may play with it more to see if there is an easier way of doing it.
I can see how this module could be beneficial to the community in general as well as a helpful marketing tool for our library. There are many events that are covered in our local paper because it is a small town, however our library although small has so much to offer our community as well as the surrounding areas.

Thing 3 - Custom comment codes for MySpace, Hi5, Friendster and more this was fun to do but i don't think i would want to fall on this piece of pavement especially since it states the it will hurt when i hit it.

Texas--Thing 1

Texas has a lot to offer to visitors. Texas has a rich history dating back to prehistoric times. One can experience the fabulous pictoglyphs and pictographs of the Native Americans, learn about the Spanish Missions, early colonization, cattle drives, experince the wild west and much more.
Texas also offers visitors a vast array of geogrphical and geological sites. Texas has the coast, desert, piney woods and swampland, prairies, Canyons and cliffs, and the hill country.
One can see a multitude of plant and wildlife specific to each of the above geogrphical locations.
Texas is a friendly place with a rich cultural hertitage. People came from all around the world to live in Texas. Life was pretty tough in the beginning and you had to have strength to perserver.
Lastly, if you don't like the weather in Texas don't worry it can change with a blink of an eye.
If you want to come to a place that has it all come to Texas where the Eyes of Texas are upon you.

Thing 5

I tried several different ways and my image generator would not post. See update of Thing 5. I got it to work! yeah!

Four well-dressed men holding beer bottles

They look like they are deep thinkers when they get drunk and just want to get into a deep discussion about why they all decided to go strolling through the middle of the jungle. They are happy that they brout the liquor because it gets pretty hot out in the middle of nowhere.

They are also probably wandering why is there a photographer there.

Thing two has been completed. I saved and it disappeared so i created a new blog and am reposting the review of 2.0.
I realize as Youth Services Coordinator I would use web 2.0 in many ways.
Many of the youth i work with use many of the services offered. I have not used many of them due to my lack of curiousity and distaste in trying new things on computers.
However, I am willing to try these modules to learn more and help the patrons I service aware of the services available to them.
I can see how the youth I serve will be able to create more interesting reports for school.
I also see how patrons in general will be able to come in contact with others they may not have communicated as well as find long lost friends and family.

T is for Texas

Originally uploaded by Timothy Valentine
Sabine Pass is in Texas. This cut out of the letter T is pretty cool.