Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Podcasts-Thing 21

Some of the podcasts i listened to was one on preventing teenage depression. I serve a lot of teens so i thought this would be appropriate as one of my choices. The podcast talked about teens 13-17. The podcast stated how teens who had both group therapy and individual therapy did better overall in recovering from a depressive episode. It also talked about how parents who are also experiencing depression currently can play a role in recovery.

Teens in group settings recieved life skills, assertiveness. The control group had no group therapy. Early treatment also played a factor in recovery.

The second podcast i listened to was about a book called Horse Soldiers. The author talked about his interviews with some of the soldiers in Afghanistan who were part of a special forces team who had the mission of taking control over the city in Afghanistan. What made this mission different was that the soldiers were on horseback and they were never trained for this type of travel. The actual interview was a hour and a half so i did not listen to the complete podcast, however i would like to go back and hear more and read the book.

The third podcast i listened to was called In Plain Site. It talked about a gentleman who found some 18th century Native American beadwork at a house he visited. He also found a letter during that time from Scotland that talked about the specific beadwork garter and pouch he found.

Part of his concern with items he finds is that much of the cultural context gets lost when original owners discard letters and items. Connections between Native Peoples also gets lost as cultures change either from others through war of cultural changes within their own group. Climate and pepole who purchase items can also cause translation difficulties.

Of the three podcasts i listened to the last one had the best audio quality. The others would fade in and out or stop for several minutes--this became very frustrating because you would just get interested in some aspect of of the cast and it would stop. AGH!

I would probably subscribe to all the podcasts due to the fact i picked casts that were of interest to me.

Podcasts would be useful to many of our patrons because some do not have transportation and we do not have a transportation system here. Patrons could take infromation on especially the educational casts and use them for school. Some professors in college sometimes have you listen to articles and have you write about them.

I would use podcasts some but not as much as you tube just for the fact that i am a more visual and always am multitasking without being stimulated in a variety of ways i tent to lose interest or get board especially if it is a lecture type of cast.

One of the things i found interesting was that some of the older podcasts (2005) were of better quality than the newer casts??? Maybe it was the sites i chose, but you would think the quality would have been better the older the version. Human understanding of the equipment probably also played a factor.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

You Tube Thing 20

I came across some pretty interesting videoes while going through some of the you tube site.
One was the library book cart drill team. I saw this on while working on this thing and not 2 days later my husband sent it to me to view. The video was trying to put a light hearded mood on what it is to be a librarian and some of the stereotypes as librarian. I had a difficult time understanding many of the words and being able to see their actions. It would have been more effective if those difficulties weren't existant as well as the video stopping.
A second one i viewed was Fart Machine at the Library. I showed this teen walking around publicly and then in a library operating a fart machine and acting oblivious to the fact he was farting. It was acute video i do not know how the teen kept a straight face and am surprised that the patrons did not react more to the teens behavior. I think it accomplished the goal that many people in our culture find the behavior offensive but most do not know how to respond. This video ran completely through without problems with stopping.
A third video i watched was from the Denver Public Library Summer Reading Program.
I guess they made it to get others excited about their summer reading program. I did not do much for me so i would be curious to see how it worked for them. The video showed a cat who quit his job and decided to go to the library. It showed some of the programs the library offered such as checkers and reading anime. Then it shows the cat dancing and interacting with some of the youth outside the library.
Other uses for videoes especially for students who have parents who travel or are homeschooled
education programs would be helpful. Children in areas that school is not as available (internationally especially would benefit.
Other uses to help promote libraries is maybe having animals used as therapy dogs for those who cannot leave there home due to pollution/ breathing issues or those who are too disabled physically to leave home. Animals and people reading to others can be very therapeutic and this service i think could be helpful to allowing others who can't physically come into a library be opened up to a library experience.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Google Docs

I am could take or leave google docs. i would probably use a different ways of accomplishing the same goal that i am more familar with, however i do like the presentation format better than what i have used. The reason is probably because i do not do many presentations anymore and this seemed a lot easier for some reason. I would like to learn more about how going about adding pictures to the presentation. I may be a fun narative way of sending others a brief view of a family trip.
Would i use google docs professionally and personally? I think i would use some aspects personally (such asthe presentaion) the rest i would more likely use professionally.


I have used Wiki several times in the past to get information. Most of the time it has been accurate. There are times that significant infromation is not included. For instance, I went under Santa Ana and the information provided there was pretty much what you would find in an encyclopedia or books about Santa Ana however an interesting fact not included was bout his capture in San Jacinto. It had about being dressed in a private dragoon uniform, but it did not explain how the Texans knew it was him--one of Santa Ana's men gave him away by yelling his name.
I do like the heirachal flow of the page headings because i can go to specifically what i am looking for. Knowing that information has been created by others i typically do more research and do not use Wiki as an only source.
I would personally and professionally use Wiki because it saves time when i need quick information about a subject, but i do let others know that all information may not be totally accurate and they may want to look further into a subject for confirmation.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Thing 17 LibWorm

This Thing provides a wide variety of categories and subjects which in turn leads to more categories and subjects to go through. I found many of the"things" we have been working on especially under the subject heading. I would probably use LibWorm for job perposes because it provided me with a lot of information I would either use or would like to look more into as to what some of it is or where it would lead me so if ever asked by a patron, I would have at least some knowledge as to how to move through the site.
I discovered each tag category or subject at some point seems to lead me back to similar articles, topics or categories depending on what i looked up.
Here are a few things I dealt with when I worked through this site. At first, when I tried a keyword or phrase to locate our library on the site it said that our library was not subscribed even though it was set up by our library director. I tried other routes to get to our library through subject heading and then public libraries to no avail. Initially the only thing that came up and I tried for a couple of days was a library in Elm Grove, WI.
I am not sure why others have popped up our site by the computers I tried did not.
Other things i did was go under the subject headings of ebooks,young adults and public libraries. Under these headings I found information on all sorts of things from ebook fair dates, information about teens, workshops, ereader, books in other languages, blog site of other libraries,
and library contestant winners to name a few.
Tags created a clould similar to the one on libworm but instead of my reading genre that i taged it had tags related to the "Things" we are working on in this training.
Overall this experience has been good with the exception of the roadblock on trying to find our library.

Thing 16 Library Thing

Some of the Books I added to my home library were Sword of Shannara, Knight of the Word, Little House on the Prairie, The Doomsday Key and an Idiots Guide to the Old West. They were tags as fiction, fantasy or western.
The site is cool in the since that it lets you know what is popular reads, who else reads what you are reading and suggested readings either in the same genre or author. I liked the section on what members are reading. I am curious as to what topics others enjoy, as well as reviews on books I may have thought about reading.
I liked the section that gives you a daily "what happened" on a particular date in histo
I liked the wishlist and how it created clouds of your particular genre of books.
The layout of the site is a little busy, otherwise i like the site and would use it personally to categorize my personal library.