Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Thing 16 Library Thing

Some of the Books I added to my home library were Sword of Shannara, Knight of the Word, Little House on the Prairie, The Doomsday Key and an Idiots Guide to the Old West. They were tags as fiction, fantasy or western.
The site is cool in the since that it lets you know what is popular reads, who else reads what you are reading and suggested readings either in the same genre or author. I liked the section on what members are reading. I am curious as to what topics others enjoy, as well as reviews on books I may have thought about reading.
I liked the section that gives you a daily "what happened" on a particular date in histo
I liked the wishlist and how it created clouds of your particular genre of books.
The layout of the site is a little busy, otherwise i like the site and would use it personally to categorize my personal library.

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