Monday, June 29, 2009

Thing 13

Reading the information on tagging did not help me to understand the concept any better than I already didn't understand. So I went to do thing 14 and 15 to give me insight. Those two things allowed me to look at what a tag looked like, only then did i get what the possible benefit to tagging was. Tagging can help me, as stated in Thing 14, to categorize a general subject heading such as "anime" or "manga" into groupings. Would I use tagging personally? Probably not. Professionally, more likely. Just because I would be able to get to what i am specifically looking for.

Thing 14

The link to my delicous site is Delicious was made it easy to bookmark things of interest, however for me I do not explore the same sites very often. I usually only do it when i am looking for something specific. So on my delicious site I put those sites i do visit at times. The weather being the most used site. Personally, I would not use it because it is very similar to what i have on my favorites. I can get to that a lot quicker than having to sign in to delicious. Tabbing sites with delicious helps if you have an array of similar categories under specific headings. Professionally, Ican see how delicious could be beneficial because if i wanted to bookmark some sites on anime and then manga, I could tag each of these separately. Overall, delicious was an okay site to use, but i prefer favorites for my personal needs.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Thing 15 Digg

I dig Digg. It is a site i would definitely use both personally and professionally. It will help me to limit my time on the internet. I usually use the internet to look up what is going on in the world, but i only usually see what is on the initial page that pops up. Dig allows me to get a closer look at those sites and see more on some of the subjects I am interested in as well as those others find of interest on a similar subject. For instance, one of the digg sites i explored was on Ed McMan and it also gave a few more things that i could link to without having to go through a lot of stuff related to the subject but wasn't reallly what i was searching for.
I do not like to waste my time. I sometimes become frustrated in some of my searches on the internet because sometimes i do not come across exactly what i am looking for until page 4.
Digg seems to come across the information i want within the first few entries.
Digg also allows me to look at acrchived information on similar subjects. Some of the stuff in Diggs sites are kind of goofy eg. the top 5 Wierd Al songs, but fun to look at and hear.
I think i have come across Diggs and didn't even know it when exploring web sites articles. I usually read those just to see others opinions.

Monday, June 22, 2009

thing 11

I chose the google talk site to do as my web browser. My username is
I still need to find some people who are on google in order to send invites to them. I have IMed others who are not on the NT23 however and enjoyed the chats.
It is easier than when you had to send email back and forth and wait up to 10 minutes to recieve a responses from one another. So that tells you how long it has been since even attempting something like this. I think IM has been around for about what 10 years and i never really knew what it did and so i never tried. It reminds me a lot of all the text messaging the kids are doing. i think i have only text one person ever and it has been around a while.
I may at some point use this thing more depending on my needs personally, but now i at least show a patron how to do it if they are ever interested.

thing 9

The organization i became a fan of was The Container Store. The groups i joined were the same as i did for the ning thing- archaeoseek, ghosthunters, native americans network. I have recieved responses from the native american site and the ghosthunters site and have a friend on each. I didn't find family or friends at least not in high school or college everyone was a lot younger who was signed up. My guess a generation who grew up on computers vs one that was on the beginnings of most of it in college so i didn't deal with all these "things" we are learning about currently coupled with the lack of interest on my part.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

thing 10

Thing 10 would and is way too addicting for me. I seems to be a cross between a blog site, facebook and an internet site. I like the layout a lot because of the combination.
I joined three groups archeolseek, ghosthunters and native americans network. I have not been contacted as yet because i just got on. I haven't gone the route of contacting family and friends from the past, however i have attempted a connection to those who have similar interests. We will see how this goes. I will probably have to be cafeful due to Nings draw.

These latest blogs have been a lot more positive than the first several--interest has been sparked.

thing 12

I enjoyed twitter as well. My twitter acct name is happycamper64. Again personaly would i use twitter just to do, probably not just because of time at home is limited and it could become addicting. At work, i think it could be just another addition to what the youth already look at for school information. My husband would probably benefit from twitter because he enjoys these many of the 23 things we are doing and twitter would expound his networking.
The last time i heard about twitter was when my mom came to visit. She doesn't know what it does but she has seen stuff on fox news and cnn saying you can whatever their twitter account is.
I remember also hearing about twitter throught the news and the whole Ashton K. thing.

Thing 7

As i wrote in thing 6, i really do not read a lot of things on the internet due to time constraints at home. I do see the usefulness of it and how it opens the door to further communication. I see how it would be useful to patrons in the library because the youth i serve, at least the older ones and the young adults would enjoy blog readers and RSS feeds. Because i do not use these personally i have added the library bytes to my blog reader for grins and to get updated.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Thing 8 Facebook

I really enjoyed what i have done so far working with facebook. Although it does discourage anonymity, most people can find out your history and life by paying a small fee on the internet.
The cons is the anonymity, but the pros can be endless. You can connect with old friends and neighbors, you can meet new people with similar interests, you can learn from others about where they live and what they like to do.
I will probably use this personally as well as professionally. Personally in the sense that i will try to contact old friends. Professionally I would use it to help others get connected to others as well as learn about the new and exciting things going on in the libraries across the world. I have already done this with an aunt who i found out volunteers in a libary.
Facebook has potential an endless marketing potential including but not limited to the wealth of knowedge i can gain from other Youth Services Librarians. I am new to the field so i could always use new infromation.