Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Thing 15 Digg

I dig Digg. It is a site i would definitely use both personally and professionally. It will help me to limit my time on the internet. I usually use the internet to look up what is going on in the world, but i only usually see what is on the initial page that pops up. Dig allows me to get a closer look at those sites and see more on some of the subjects I am interested in as well as those others find of interest on a similar subject. For instance, one of the digg sites i explored was on Ed McMan and it also gave a few more things that i could link to without having to go through a lot of stuff related to the subject but wasn't reallly what i was searching for.
I do not like to waste my time. I sometimes become frustrated in some of my searches on the internet because sometimes i do not come across exactly what i am looking for until page 4.
Digg seems to come across the information i want within the first few entries.
Digg also allows me to look at acrchived information on similar subjects. Some of the stuff in Diggs sites are kind of goofy eg. the top 5 Wierd Al songs, but fun to look at and hear.
I think i have come across Diggs and didn't even know it when exploring web sites articles. I usually read those just to see others opinions.

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