Monday, June 22, 2009

thing 11

I chose the google talk site to do as my web browser. My username is
I still need to find some people who are on google in order to send invites to them. I have IMed others who are not on the NT23 however and enjoyed the chats.
It is easier than when you had to send email back and forth and wait up to 10 minutes to recieve a responses from one another. So that tells you how long it has been since even attempting something like this. I think IM has been around for about what 10 years and i never really knew what it did and so i never tried. It reminds me a lot of all the text messaging the kids are doing. i think i have only text one person ever and it has been around a while.
I may at some point use this thing more depending on my needs personally, but now i at least show a patron how to do it if they are ever interested.

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