Monday, June 29, 2009

Thing 14

The link to my delicous site is Delicious was made it easy to bookmark things of interest, however for me I do not explore the same sites very often. I usually only do it when i am looking for something specific. So on my delicious site I put those sites i do visit at times. The weather being the most used site. Personally, I would not use it because it is very similar to what i have on my favorites. I can get to that a lot quicker than having to sign in to delicious. Tabbing sites with delicious helps if you have an array of similar categories under specific headings. Professionally, Ican see how delicious could be beneficial because if i wanted to bookmark some sites on anime and then manga, I could tag each of these separately. Overall, delicious was an okay site to use, but i prefer favorites for my personal needs.

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  1. The aspect you may have missed on delicious is the networking aspect. If you add others into your network (I'm pwindsor on delicous if you was to add me to your network to see how it works), you can see what they have marked as a good site. There is just so much out there you can't explore it all yourself. So if you see something someone in your network has marked that looks good, it's real easy to add it to your own list.