Saturday, July 25, 2009

You Tube Thing 20

I came across some pretty interesting videoes while going through some of the you tube site.
One was the library book cart drill team. I saw this on while working on this thing and not 2 days later my husband sent it to me to view. The video was trying to put a light hearded mood on what it is to be a librarian and some of the stereotypes as librarian. I had a difficult time understanding many of the words and being able to see their actions. It would have been more effective if those difficulties weren't existant as well as the video stopping.
A second one i viewed was Fart Machine at the Library. I showed this teen walking around publicly and then in a library operating a fart machine and acting oblivious to the fact he was farting. It was acute video i do not know how the teen kept a straight face and am surprised that the patrons did not react more to the teens behavior. I think it accomplished the goal that many people in our culture find the behavior offensive but most do not know how to respond. This video ran completely through without problems with stopping.
A third video i watched was from the Denver Public Library Summer Reading Program.
I guess they made it to get others excited about their summer reading program. I did not do much for me so i would be curious to see how it worked for them. The video showed a cat who quit his job and decided to go to the library. It showed some of the programs the library offered such as checkers and reading anime. Then it shows the cat dancing and interacting with some of the youth outside the library.
Other uses for videoes especially for students who have parents who travel or are homeschooled
education programs would be helpful. Children in areas that school is not as available (internationally especially would benefit.
Other uses to help promote libraries is maybe having animals used as therapy dogs for those who cannot leave there home due to pollution/ breathing issues or those who are too disabled physically to leave home. Animals and people reading to others can be very therapeutic and this service i think could be helpful to allowing others who can't physically come into a library be opened up to a library experience.

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