Saturday, July 18, 2009


I have used Wiki several times in the past to get information. Most of the time it has been accurate. There are times that significant infromation is not included. For instance, I went under Santa Ana and the information provided there was pretty much what you would find in an encyclopedia or books about Santa Ana however an interesting fact not included was bout his capture in San Jacinto. It had about being dressed in a private dragoon uniform, but it did not explain how the Texans knew it was him--one of Santa Ana's men gave him away by yelling his name.
I do like the heirachal flow of the page headings because i can go to specifically what i am looking for. Knowing that information has been created by others i typically do more research and do not use Wiki as an only source.
I would personally and professionally use Wiki because it saves time when i need quick information about a subject, but i do let others know that all information may not be totally accurate and they may want to look further into a subject for confirmation.

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  1. Have you considered how you might personally use a wiki? When we did the 23 things here in Denton, we used a wiki to create the content. So it is not just a place to find information, but also a tool to colaborate with.