Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Podcasts-Thing 21

Some of the podcasts i listened to was one on preventing teenage depression. I serve a lot of teens so i thought this would be appropriate as one of my choices. The podcast talked about teens 13-17. The podcast stated how teens who had both group therapy and individual therapy did better overall in recovering from a depressive episode. It also talked about how parents who are also experiencing depression currently can play a role in recovery.

Teens in group settings recieved life skills, assertiveness. The control group had no group therapy. Early treatment also played a factor in recovery.

The second podcast i listened to was about a book called Horse Soldiers. The author talked about his interviews with some of the soldiers in Afghanistan who were part of a special forces team who had the mission of taking control over the city in Afghanistan. What made this mission different was that the soldiers were on horseback and they were never trained for this type of travel. The actual interview was a hour and a half so i did not listen to the complete podcast, however i would like to go back and hear more and read the book.

The third podcast i listened to was called In Plain Site. It talked about a gentleman who found some 18th century Native American beadwork at a house he visited. He also found a letter during that time from Scotland that talked about the specific beadwork garter and pouch he found.

Part of his concern with items he finds is that much of the cultural context gets lost when original owners discard letters and items. Connections between Native Peoples also gets lost as cultures change either from others through war of cultural changes within their own group. Climate and pepole who purchase items can also cause translation difficulties.

Of the three podcasts i listened to the last one had the best audio quality. The others would fade in and out or stop for several minutes--this became very frustrating because you would just get interested in some aspect of of the cast and it would stop. AGH!

I would probably subscribe to all the podcasts due to the fact i picked casts that were of interest to me.

Podcasts would be useful to many of our patrons because some do not have transportation and we do not have a transportation system here. Patrons could take infromation on especially the educational casts and use them for school. Some professors in college sometimes have you listen to articles and have you write about them.

I would use podcasts some but not as much as you tube just for the fact that i am a more visual and always am multitasking without being stimulated in a variety of ways i tent to lose interest or get board especially if it is a lecture type of cast.

One of the things i found interesting was that some of the older podcasts (2005) were of better quality than the newer casts??? Maybe it was the sites i chose, but you would think the quality would have been better the older the version. Human understanding of the equipment probably also played a factor.

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