Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Thing 17 LibWorm

This Thing provides a wide variety of categories and subjects which in turn leads to more categories and subjects to go through. I found many of the"things" we have been working on especially under the subject heading. I would probably use LibWorm for job perposes because it provided me with a lot of information I would either use or would like to look more into as to what some of it is or where it would lead me so if ever asked by a patron, I would have at least some knowledge as to how to move through the site.
I discovered each tag category or subject at some point seems to lead me back to similar articles, topics or categories depending on what i looked up.
Here are a few things I dealt with when I worked through this site. At first, when I tried a keyword or phrase to locate our library on the site it said that our library was not subscribed even though it was set up by our library director. I tried other routes to get to our library through subject heading and then public libraries to no avail. Initially the only thing that came up and I tried for a couple of days was a library in Elm Grove, WI.
I am not sure why others have popped up our site by the computers I tried did not.
Other things i did was go under the subject headings of ebooks,young adults and public libraries. Under these headings I found information on all sorts of things from ebook fair dates, information about teens, workshops, ereader, books in other languages, blog site of other libraries,
and library contestant winners to name a few.
Tags created a clould similar to the one on libworm but instead of my reading genre that i taged it had tags related to the "Things" we are working on in this training.
Overall this experience has been good with the exception of the roadblock on trying to find our library.

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