Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Thing 6

This module confused me. I don't read blogs or use the internet for news so the utility of this escaped me. I do however understand how this would be useful to some of my patrons who use particular web sites often.

Here are the sites I subscribed to:
northtexas23.blogspot, geekologie, the superficial, hotair, real clear politics, and i watch stuff.
I really did not enjoy this module because i had to come up with sites that i would not use but i think others may find this application useful daily. As with many of the things in this training i would need to spend many more hours researching and just sitting down and playing with each individual one of the 23 things.


  1. There are many useful blogs of interest to librarians. Have you looked at The shifted librarian?
    Stephen Abraham
    Check out this article 10 Librarian Blogs To Read in 2009
    The great thing about having them all linked via a Blog reader is they are all in one place, and you can easily scan the titles of the posts to see if there is anything you are interested in reading. (you don't have to read every single post!)

  2. thanks i haven't tried any of these sites.