Wednesday, September 23, 2009

A Dozen Ways to Two Step-Method Three

Some of the tools and concepts offered by for web clouds are quite useful for me while others I would never personally use. Some of the tools I would use would be the spreadsheet, the slideshow presentation, and planners/calendars. I like the spreadsheet because I could use this for budgeting puposes. Putting this in a cloud allows my husband to also access this and see where we stand. The presentation slide show aspect would be used to create a photo album like of trips and vacations. Other family members could also access this with our permission and experience our trip with us. The calendar/planner would be quite useful especially when my children begin school so both mom and dad are aware of school events, appointments, practices and all as well as who is going to be taking who where and when.
Many of the othe tools I may not find as usuful at this time, but professionally we have patrons who would find some of these applications quite useful in a cloud environment. I am not sure of the population of patrons who are even aware that clouds exist who come into our library, my guess is that there are only a few. Clouding would need to be a good computer training class--we offer once a month to patrons to learn about computers. I can see wonderful benefits of using clouds within our library especially with organizing eg. patrons organizing their itunes, schedules and all and being able to use these tools can be help in this endeaver.
Personally, I am open to the benefits of clouding, however being a skeptic naturally I have many concerns related to privacy and confidentiality. With all the people who have a wider computer knowledge base and hackers out there, there is going to eventually be someone who can get into your information. I agree with on og the individuals who made a comment in one of the articles about what to do if and when clouding is no longer free.

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