Saturday, October 24, 2009

Method 11-Podcasting

I watched a a podcast on the subject of Travel. I saw a blurb on Beautiful Places: Everglades.
It talked about all the wildlife you find at the Everglades and how the food chain of animals start with the birds eating the bugs, the crocs eating the birds, etc. It talked about the beauty of the Everglades and how it is one of the few places where the fresh water meets the salt water.

The second podcast site I viewed was with children and family. The cast was called Spare the Rock, Spoil the child. The site iterviews people who do a variety of mediums for kids whether it be music, cooking projects, books, and all and talks with the writers about how they came up with the idea. The particular one I listen to a daughter came up with the lyrics, the mom sang and the dad played the guitar about the things mom does around the house and how mom needs more than two hands to do them.

Do I listen to podcasts personally? At times, I do depending on the subject matter. Professionally, I know alot of our patrons do mainly with episodes of programs they watch eg. Family Guy and The Simpsons. Lately, however it has been more music casts especially Michael Jackson.

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