Saturday, October 24, 2009

Method 12-Reflection and Evaluation

Some of my favorite discoveries were photos and imaging. I enjoyed this method because it seems like the one I would most likely use personally. I could use it for cataloging/ albuming vacations for my children. It is something that my parents could benefit from since they travel around the world.
Chat and Instant messaging is another I enjoyed. It is just a fun way to communicate.
Professionally all these methods are applicable to the community that we serve, many methods will have to be shown how to use them, while the teens, who seem to be technologically asute thrive with this stuff. Mentoring program may be good for this since there is a gap of understanding between these two groups and their reason(s) for being at the library.
The methods that were chosen, I feel were good. They accomplished the goal they were set out to accomplish.
The only suggestion I would have is on some of the methods limit some of the information that has to be read, especially the articles where the terminology is for a person that is technologically inclined.
I personally would participate in a similar program because I am part of the population that is not technologically inclined and the more I practice these methods the better I will become. I am not a person who likes to explore the unknown when it comes to technology,however if it involves adventures into the unknown l;ike cave and volcanoes I am there, go figure.
Overall, I feel the 12 step method was a great review of what I did in the 23 things. I definatley was more at ease doing this training.

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