Saturday, October 10, 2009

Method number 8: Social Networking

I personally do not use myspace and facebook due to privacy reasons, however many of my friends do and are putting on a lot of pictures and personal information about themselves. I am distrustful of technology and if i want to communicate with others I tend to do so personally either over the phone or we meet. I would definitely keep professional information separate from personal. I look at in the same way as dating someone form work. I see that as unprofessional and the work environment and a persons view of you could be altered by this--just not a good idea. I do know that myspace and facebook allow you to get connected with past high school/ college friends
but if I were wanting to do this I would probably find another way of getting in touch with these people.
These social networking sites can also become quite addicting. Some of our patrons are on these sites for hours art a time. Personally, I have other things I enjoy better--outdoors.
Our library is using facebook and myspace to reach out to our patrons, primarily through our library director at this time. She is beginning to get a fan base from when we did the 23 things training this summer. I see the potential for using social networking especially since it provides an alternative to just a web page. It allows our patrons to see upcoming events and services we provide, others evaluations/comments about the library, a way we can reach others through group discussion ex. epilepsy support group or friends of the library patrons who may not be able to attend all meetings can get information about what transpired.
I do not have a facebook or myspace profile set up due to the reasons of privacy so i did not include a link.

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