Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Method Number 5--Flickr

The image i am including the link for is the lighthouse of Sabine Pass in Louisiana.

The link is:

Personally, I would probably use Flickr when I become more comfortable using it.
I would like to share many photos with family who live across the country butI did not know how to do it. Also family vacations would be fun to share with grandparents. Web cam is good for this as well but being able to provide grandparents with daily photos would give them something to do during the day.
Professionally, I can see the use of Flickr because many of our patrons have already asked about how to go about creating picture images and I personally was unable to show them. I had to ask our computer library tech to do it. Flickr will help me better serve my community in this way if and when asked again.
I briefly looked at the website Picasa and the only thing i like better on this is i like the map layout that it does.

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