Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Method number#7 Tagging, folksonomies, and social bookmarking in Delicious

I like the applications that Delicious can do. It definitely makes reseach a lot easier because I am able to filter through some of the "junk" on the internet and get down to researching a topic of interest. Reseach is further made easier by using what others have also found to be useful in their research by using the social bookmarking aspect of delicious. Would I personally use Delicious? Probably more if I were in school and had research to do. Currently, I do not do a lot of research or play much on the computer because my day would be spent and I would probably get nothing done. I am a person who likes to accomplish things.
Professionally, I can see the need to use Delicious and its applications because we havwe a large youth population who come in to do research and group projects, many of which wait to an hour before we close to do their homework. Delicious and its applications can provide a shortcut so to speak in getting these youth the information they are looking for.
Libraries can benefit from Delicious and its applications by allowing patrons to quickly looking at a tag and finding a plethera of information on a topic, patrons can access what is most popular if they are interested in what others are reading or they can view everything written on a subject.

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