Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Method 6--You too Can YouTube

YouTube - Bleach 240 Raw Part 1

The video that I chose had to do with Bleach. Bleach is seen frequently in the Anime comics,video games and DVD's. What I posted was an epidsode of Bleach Raw.
What I liked about the site was that it gave me more of an understanding about some of the interest my youth patrons enjoy. Bleach has recently become quite popular with my tween age group. We having video game nights at our library and some of the teens are bringing in some of their personal games to play, one of which is Bleach.
The video could easily be adapted too a library setting because we could view it during one of our Anime meeting and then have an open discussion about whether the kids like the episode or not?
Why or Why they did/did not like it? Is it sonmething the youth would like to have as a checkout item? We could talk about characters? Which character is most representative of them? The possiblities are endless.

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